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The level of physical activity among adults in Jeju Island

보건교육건강증진학회지 2019년 36권 4호 p.55 ~ 66
송정국 ( Song Jung-Kook ) - 제주대학교 의과대학 예방의학교실

고광욱 ( Koh Kwang-Wook ) - 고신대학교 의과대학 예방의학교실


Objectives: To obtain baseline data on physical activity among persons aged 20 years and over in the population of Jeju Island.

Methods: In 2018 a cross-sectional survey of 436 males and 481 females provided information on their physical activity during leisure-time and commuting and on demographics.

Results: Leisure-time physical activity was engaged in by 57.1%. Commuters were engaged in by 71.0 % (64% to work and 7% to school). Car was the top by 64.6% as the most frequently used mode of travel among all respondents. Only 29.2% of all respondents were classified as meeting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American College of Sports Medicine (CDC-ACSM) moderate activity recommendation. The adjusted odds in meeting the CDC-ACSM recommendation was 1.71 times higher when people use active transportation (walking, bicycling, and bus) as the most frequently used mode of travel.

Conclusions: People in Jeju have shown a lower level of physical activity in both domains of commuting and leisure-time. Meeting the CDC-ACSM recommendation was more frequent among people using active transportation as the most frequently used mode of travel.


commuting; physical activity; transportation; walking; Jeju
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