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한국 성인의 혈중 알코올 제거율 및 관련 인자에 대한 Spaghetti Plot을 이용한 재분석 및 예측 모델

Re-Analyses and Predictive Models on Blood Alcohol Elimination Rate and Associated Factors in Korean Adults

중독정신의학 2019년 23권 2호 p.82 ~ 93
이중석 ( Lee Joong-Suk ) - 건국대학교 의과대학 충주병원 정신건강의학교실

남범우 ( Nam Beom-Woo ) - 건국대학교 의과대학 충주병원 정신건강의학교실
서정석 ( Seo Jeong-Seok ) - 건국대학교 의과대학 충주병원 정신건강의학교실
서정철 ( Seo Jeong-Cheol ) - 건국대학교 의과대학 충주병원 정신건강의학교실
방한준 ( Bang Han-Jun ) - 육군 제1보병사단 의무대
안민철 ( Ahn Min-Choul ) - 사천 동희병원
홍봉식 ( Hong Bong-Sik ) - 마음앤 정신건강의학과의원
이승환 ( Yi Seung-Hwan ) - 한국교통대학교 기계공학과


Objectives : Alcohol-related pharmacokinetic (PK) parameters and related factors in Korean male and female were reported respectively in our previous works, but they lacked methodological validity. We recalculated more reliable parameters including the volume of distribution (Vd) and blood alcohol elimination rate (β-value) and examined the potential of predictive models using new analytic techniques.

Methods : Out of 101 men and 91 women, 66 men and 65 women were selected for the final data analysis. New PK parameters were obtained from redrawn blood alcohol concentration (BAC)-time spaghetti plots for every subject. Regression analyses were used to determine β-values and predictive models for Vd and β-value.

Results : For men, β-value was 0.147±0.045 g/L/hr and ranged between 0.050-0.240 g/L/hr, for women it was 0.155±0.047 g/L/hr and ranged between 0.060-0.270 g/L/hr, demonstrating a significant difference after adjustment for age, past drinking behavior, and smoking. Influence of alcohol dose on β-value was not significant. Vd was significantly predicted by height, weight and sex multifactorially (R2=0.562, p<0.001), and body fat ratio monofactorially (R2=0.812, p<0.001). β-value was significantly predicted by sex, weight, total body water, and past drinking behavior (R2=0.706, p<0.001).

Conclusion : Using new analytic methods, we updated alcohol related PK parameters and investigated the influence of related factors on Vd and β-value with predictive models. It is expected that the outcomes of this study could be a contribution to a more precise BAC estimation in forensic psychiatry fields.


음주; 혈중 알코올 함량; 대사 제거율; 약동학; 회귀 분석
Alcohol drinking; Blood alcohol contents; Metabolic clearance rate; Pharmacokinetics; Regression analysis
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