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중의학 데이터베이스인 TCMID와 TCMSP로부터 ’동의수세보원 신축본’에 제시된 사상체질별 본초 선별 연구

The study on the selection of Sasang Constitution-specific herbs in ??Dongyisusebowon Sinchuk-Bon?? from TCMID and TCMSP

사상체질의학회지 2019년 31권 3호 p.19 ~ 33
김지환 ( Kim Ji-Hwan ) - 가천대학교 한의과대학 사상체질과


Objectives: The network pharmacological study on herbal remedies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is actively being carried out based on the TCM databases such as TCMID and TCMSP. It is necessary to select Sasang Constitution-specific (SC-s) herbs from these databases in order to study the prescriptions in Sasang Constitutional Medicine.

Methods : SC-s herbs and their processing types listed in ’Dongyisusebowon Sinchukbon’ were searched from TCMID and TCMSP.

Results and Conclusions: 1. There were total 144 herbs (Soeum 47, Soyang 37, Taeeum 44, Taeyang 16 specific herbs) listed in Dongyisusebowon Sinchukbon.
2. There were total 130 herbs (Soeum 43, Soyang 37, Taeeum 42, Taeyang 8 specific herbs) searched from TCMID, and total 92 herbs (Soeum 31, Soyang 30, Taeeum 27, Taeyang 4 specific herbs) from TCMID.
3. In some cases, the name given in ’Dongyisusebowon Sinchukbon’ was different from that in TCMID and TCMSP. It was needed to be careful during the searching process.
4. Although the processing form of some herbs could be searched, there was a significant reduction in the herbal compound information compared to the raw form. It is necessary to reconsider whether or not to use the processing form.
5. Herbal scientific names given in TCMID and TCMSP or used in China and Korea were different each other in some cases. Additional screening process among such herbs would be required based on the efficacy of herbs used in clinical field.


Medicinal herbs; Herbal drugs; Sasang Constitutional Medicine; Traditional Chinese Medicine Databases; TCMID; TCMSP
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