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HPLC를 이용한 조제유류 중 베타카로틴 함량 분석 연구

Determination of β-Carotene in Infant Formulas by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

한국식품위생안전성학회지 2019년 34권 4호 p.334 ~ 339
황경미 ( Hwang Kyung-Mi ) - 식품의약품안전평가원 영양기능연구팀

배지원 ( Bae Ji-Won ) - 식품의약품안전평가원 영양기능연구팀
허수정 ( Hu Soo-Jung ) - 식품의약품안전평가원 영양기능연구팀


A procedure based on high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is described to determine β-carotene in infant formulas. The method for β-carotene analysis was performed on a C18 reversed-phase column using acetonitrile/methanol/dichloromethane (6:1:3, v/v/v) as a mobile phase. β-Carotene was determined in HPLC with photo diode array (PDA) detector. The parameters of validation were specificity, linearity, LOD, LOQ, accuracy, precision and repeatability. The specificity was confirmed by the retention time and the linearity (R 2 ), which was over 0.999 in the range of 0.125~2 mg/L. The detection and quantification limits were 0.064 and 0.193 mg/L, respectively. The accuracy and precision of this method using an STD spiked sample were 80~119% and 1.02~2.05% respectively. The method was applied to the analysis of various infant formula and follow-up formulas products containing β-carotene, and all the products contained acceptable levels of β-carotene for nutrition labeling.


β-Carotene; HPLC; Infant formula
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