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서울 강서지역 유통 콩나물 및 숙주나물중 카벤다짐 잔류실태 조사 및 위해성 평가

Monitoring and Risk Assessment of Carbendazim Residues in Soybean Sprout and Mungbean Sprout from Markets in Western Seoul

한국식품위생안전성학회지 2019년 34권 4호 p.348 ~ 353
황래홍 ( Hwang Lae-Hwong ) - 서울특별시 보건환경연구원

박성규 ( Park Sung-Kyu ) - 서울특별시 보건환경연구원


This study was conducted to monitor the carbendazim residues in soybean and mungbean sprouts using LC-MS/MS method. Eighty-two samples were collected from markets in western Seoul. No carbendazim was detected in mungbean sprouts, however, it was detected in 6 among 59 soybean sprout samples showing a 10.2% of detection rate. Among these 6 carbendazim- detected soybean sprout samples, five exceeded the maximum residue limit presenting 83.3% of violation rate. The mean concentration in the detected samples was 0.063 mk/kg (0.012 ~ 0.104 mg/kg) and 5 of the 6 detected samples came from bulk sold products. None of the samples came from domestic products; three were from imported products and 3 were from unidentified sources. Risk assessment for the carbendazim from soybean sprout dietary intake was deemed safe and at less than 1 %Acceptable Daily Intake


Carbendazim; Soybean sprout; Pesticide; LC-MS/MS
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