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국내 9종 산림식물 추출물의 항산화 효능

Antioxidant Effect of Extracts from 9 Species of Forest Plants in Korea

한국식품위생안전성학회지 2019년 34권 4호 p.404 ~ 411
심완섭 ( Sim Wan-Sup ) - 강원대학교 식품생명공학과

이종석 ( Lee Jong-Seok ) - 국립생물자원관
이사라 ( Lee Sa-Rah ) - 국립생물자원관
최선일 ( Choi Sun-il ) - 강원대학교 식품생명공학과
조봉연 ( Cho Bong-Yeon ) - 강원대학교 식품생명공학과
최승현 ( Choi Seung-Hyun ) - 강원대학교 식품생명공학과
한응호 ( Han Xionggao ) - 강원대학교 식품생명공학과
장길웅 ( Jang Gill-Woong ) - 강원대학교 식품생명공학과
권희연 ( Kwon Hee-Yeon ) - 강원대학교 식품생명공학과
최예은 ( Choi Ye-Eun ) - 강원대학교 식품생명공학과
김종예 ( Kim Jong-Yae ) - 강원대학교 식품생명공학과
이옥환 ( Lee Ok-Hwan ) - 강원대학교 식품생명공학과


This study was carried out to investigate the antioxidant effects of extracts from 9 species of forest plants in Korea. DPPH, ABTS, NaNO 2 , hydrogen peroxide radical scavenging activity and reducing power activity were evaluated to measure the antioxidant activities of plant extracts. As a result, Geranium thunbergii has been identified as the most effective antioxidant resource. Also, total phenolic content was highest in Geranium thunbergii (303.94±0.63 mg GAE/g) among 9 species extracts. Total flavonoid content was highest in Rosa multiflora (24.32±0.22 mg QE/g) and proanthocyanidin content was highest in Vitis ficifolia (279.00±4.58 mg CE/g) among 9 species extracts. In addition, the protective effect of plant extracts in H 2 O 2 -induced human dermal fibroblast (HDF) cell systems were also assessed. Significant protective effects in H 2 O 2 -induced human dermal fibroblast (HDF) cell systems were found in all plant extracts, especially in Geranium thunbergii. These results suggest that Geranium thunbergii could be a potential natural resource for antioxidant activity.


Korean native forest plants; Antioxidant effect; Human dermal fibroblasts; Geranium thunbergii; Natural resource
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