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한국마더세이프전문상담센터 10주년: 운영의 성과와 향후 전망

Korean Mothersafe Center 10th Anniversary: Outcome and Future Prospects

한국모자보건학회지 2019년 23권 4호 p.209 ~ 219
한정열 ( Han Jung-Yeol ) - 한국마더세이프전문상담센터

안현경 ( Ahn Hyun-Kyong ) - 한국마더세이프전문상담센터
최준식 ( Choi June-Seek ) - 한국마더세이프전문상담센터
염계정 ( Yeom Gye-Jeong ) - 한국마더세이프전문상담센터
이소영 ( Lee So-Young ) - 일신기독병원
김윤하 (  ) - 전남대학교병원
홍달수 ( Hong Dal-Soo ) - 대전미즈여성병원
홍성연 ( Hong Seong-Yeon ) - 대구가톨릭대학교병원
윤정섭 ( Yun Jeong-Sup ) - 울산맘스여성병원
정혜진 ( Jung Hye-Jin ) - 어린이와 여성건강을 위한 약사모임
전혜지 ( Jeon Hye-Ji ) - 국립중앙의료원
주성홍 ( Joo Sung-Hong ) - 국립중앙의료원
최안나 ( Choi An-Na ) - 국립중앙의료원
정의식 ( Jung Eui-Sik ) - 국립중앙의료원


Purpose: The purpose of this report is to organize the history of Korean Mothersafe, a professional teratology information center. Throughout its domestic and international activities, Mothersafe has firm role to write journals and books, to provide counseling, to run educational courses on maternal and fetal toxicology, and so on. This paper delineates the achievements in last ten years and discusses the vision of Mothersafe.

Methods: In order to formulate the accomplishments of Korean Mothersafe, the volume of counseling calls are carefully reviewed by their contents, counselees, and the consultation results, etc. Textbooks and journals based on the data from Mothersafe are evaluated. Other roles of the Mothersafe, such as hosting symposium and running public programs are also noted.

Results: Korean Mothersafe provided 76,555 counseling to 45,933 expectant women and 30,622 breastfeeding women. The database has total 52,130 enrollments from 2010 to 2019. A total of 33 papers are published regarding medication, alcohol, smoking, radiation, etc. A specialized book on maternal-fetal toxicology was published and teratology part of obstetrics textbook was updated. Education programs and symposiums were held and primary care programs for expectant parents are run by Mothersafe.

Conclusion: Korean Mothersafe has contributed to safe environments for numerous pregnant and breastfeeding women regarding medication, drinking, smoking, and other hazardous substances. The huge database provided evidence for researches, textbooks and seminars, etc. Korean Mothersafe is now facing a new challenge to go forward through social dynamics with many issues regarding prevention and continuance of pregnancy, abortion, and so on.


Pregnancy; Breast-feeding; Medications; Counseling
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