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요양시설에서의 가족참여에 대한 개념분석

Concept Analysis of Family Involvement in Nursing Home

노인간호학회지 2019년 21권 2호 p.86 ~ 98
유선영 ( You Sun-Young ) - 한양대학교 간호학부

탁영란 ( Tak Young-Ran ) - 한양대학교 간호학부


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to define and clarify the concept of family involvement in nursing homes.
Methods: The concept analysis approach of Walker and Avant was used. Eighteen studies from electronic databases met the criteria for selection.

Results: In the definition of family involvement, the family continues to visit the elder, forms partnerships and communication with the nursing home staff, and plays a role in caring and decision-making for the elder in the family, even after the elder enters the nursing home. Family involvement can be defined by the following attributes: 1) visiting, 2) partnership, 3) communication, 4) caring, and 5) decision making. The antecedents of family involvement consisted of: 1) the elder’s health status, 2) family's preference and expectations, 3) relationships, 4) social support, and 5) policy and system. The consequences occurring as a result of family involvement were: 1) improved quality of life and well-being for the elder, 2) family and staff satisfaction, and 3) quality of care.

Conclusion: Definition and attributes of family involvement identified from these results can be applied to develop measures and intervention programs for nursing home elders' families.


요양시설; 노인; 돌봄 가족
Nursing homes; Aged; Family caregiver
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