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서울시와 강원도 치매업무종사자의 돌봄 능력 인지도와 직무만족도의 관계 및 효율적 치매안심센터 운영방안

Dementia Care Workers' Caring Competence, Job Satisfaction, and Effective Operation of Dementia Care Centers in Seoul and Gangwon-do

노인간호학회지 2019년 21권 2호 p.112 ~ 124
김춘길 ( Kim Chun-Gill ) - 한림대학교 간호대학

이영희 (  ) - 가톨릭관동대학교 간호학과
권명순 ( Kwon Myung-Soon ) - 한림대학교 간호대학


Purpose: This study was done to identify the caring competence and job satisfaction of dementia care workers and to analyze contents for effective operation of dementia care centers. The study setting was Seoul and Gangwon-do.
Methods: One hundred fifty workers in dementia care centers participated: 80 from Seoul and 70 from Gangwon-do. Caring competences and job satisfaction were measured using questionnaires of 18 and 22 items, respectively.

Results: First, there was a difference in dementia caring competence between the locations (t=2.05, p=.042). Workers in Seoul (4.09±0.51) had higher competence than those from Gangwon-do (3.91±0.55). Second, the dementia caring competence of the workers was positively correlated with their job satisfaction (r=.19, p=.023). Finally, based on content analysis, it was expected that a dementia care system supported by the government resulted in effective and systematic control, enhanced professional service, and strengthened accessibility to medical service.

Conclusion: It is important to develop better work environments to provide long-term service and to establish various strategies to improve caring competence and job satisfaction of dementia care workers. In addition, operational strategies adapted to local workers where unbalanced health care resources exist should be applied continuously in the operation of nation-wide dementia centers.


치매; 돌봄; 능력; 직무만족도
Dementia; Caring; Competence; Job satisfaction
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