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장기요양시설 및 요양병원 입소 치매대상자의 억제대 적용 관련 요인

Factors related to Use of Physical Restraints for Older Adults with Dementia in Long-term Care Settings

노인간호학회지 2019년 21권 2호 p.125 ~ 134
이해정 ( Lee Hae-Jung ) - 부산대학교 간호대학

박명화 ( Park Myoung-Hwa ) - 충남대학교 간호대학
이성화 ( Lee Sung-Hwa ) - 김해대학교 간호대학
이미현 ( Lee Mi-Hyun ) - 대전보건대학교 간호학과
고영혜 ( Go Young-Hye ) - 충남대학교 간호대학
김춘길 ( Kim Chun-Gill ) - 한림대학교 간호대학
김정선 ( Kim Jeong-Sun ) - 전남대학교 간호대학
김경숙 ( Kim Kyung-Sook ) - 남서울대학교 간호학과
이영휘 ( Lee Young-Whee ) - 인하대학교 간호학과
임영미 ( Lim Young-Mi ) - 연세대학교 원주의과대학 간호학과
송준아 ( Song Jun-Ah ) - 고려대학교 간호대학
박영선 ( Park Young-Sun ) - 경복대학교 간호과
윤종철 ( Youn Jong-Chul ) - 경기도 노인전문 용인병원 정신건강의학과
김기웅 ( Kim Ki-Woong ) - 서울대학교 의과대학 정신과
홍귀령 ( Hong Gwi-Ryung ) - 한양대학교 간호학부


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate factors related to use of restraints for older adults with dementia in long-term care settings.

Methods: This study analyzed secondary data from the Nationwide Survey on Dementia Care in Korea (NaSDeCK). Demographic characteristics, disease characteristics, and functional characteristics were analyzed. Data were analyzed with x2 test, t-test, ANOVA, and logistic regression analysis.

Results: Among participants, 8.2% experienced use of restraints. ‘Strap’ (78.3%) was the most commonly used restraint and ‘Behavioral problem’ (51.3%) was a major reason for the restraint. Persons who have low levels of daily activity and cognition deficits, higher levels of dependence, histories of falls within the past 3 months, and living in long-term hospitals have greater probability of restraint experience.

Conclusion: Developing interventions for older adults who have a high risk of being restrained is essential to minimize unnecessary restraint use among older adults with dementia in long-term care settings. Further study exploring the interacting roles of organizational and staff factors related to use of physical restraints would provide more comprehensive perspectives in understanding this phenomenon.


신체 억제대; 치매; 노인; 장기요양
Physical restraint; Dementia; Aged; Long-term care
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