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공공의료기관 간호사의 조직몰입, 환자안전문화인식이 환자안전간호활동에 미치는 영향

The Effect of Organizational Commitment and Perceived Patient Safety Culture on Patient Safety Nursing Activities in Public Hospital Nurses

가정간호학회지 2019년 26권 2호 p.145 ~ 154
이현경 ( Lee Hyun-Kyung ) - 경기의료원 이천병원 적정진료실

김근면 ( Kim Geun-Myun ) - 강릉원주대학교 간호학과
김은주 ( Kim Eun-Joo ) - 강릉원주대학교 간호학과


Purpose: This study was conducted to identify and analyze organizational commitment, patient safety culture, and patient safety nursing activities on patient safety in public hospitals.

Methods: The data were collected from 190 nurses in 6 public hospitals within the Gyeonggi region and were analyzed using SPSS 23.0 for descriptive statistics and multiple regression.

Results: Patient safety nursing activity was positively correlated with the number of participants in patient safety training programs, organizational commitment, and patient safety culture awareness. Patient safety culture awareness was positively correlated with the number of participants in patient safety training programs and organizational commitment. Organizational commitment was positively correlated with age and total work experience. Factors affecting patient safety activities, frequency of patient safety training, and patient safety culture awareness were significant influencing factors with an explanatory power of 30.1%.

Conclusion: In order to increase patient safety nursing activities in public hospitals, systematic patient safety training policies are required. In addition, diverse interventions are required to increase organizational commitment.


환자안전; 조직몰입; 안전문화; 안전관리
Patient safety; Organizations; Safety culture; Safety management
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