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장기요양시설 요양보호사의 직무에 대한 수행도,교육요구도 및 전문직업성 인식

Job Performance, Educational Needs, and Recognition of Professionalism among Care Workers in Long-term Care Facilities

가정간호학회지 2019년 26권 2호 p.166 ~ 179
송민선 ( Song Min-Sun ) - 건양대학교 간호대학

김진학 ( Kim Jin-Hak ) - 한국보건복지인력개발원
양남영 ( Yang Nam-Young ) - 공주대학교 간호학과


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify the job performance and educational needs, and recognition of professionalism among care workers, and to organize educational programs according to the priorities of care workers.
Methods: The participants were 119 care workers who were working in long-term care facilities. Data were collected from May 31 to June 7, 2019 using self-report questionnaires. Collected data were analyzed using t-tests, ANOVA, and Spearman’s Correlation Coefficients.

Results: The performance aspects of the job were as follows: care for safety and infection-related, communication and leisure support, and excretion. The most demanded educational needs were in first-aid. Care workers had more than average professional recognition. Job performance and educational needs, and recognition of professionalism differed significantly according to several general characteristics.

Conclusions: The educational needs of the areas with low frequency of job performance were high. First-aid is low in frequency, but it is important to cope with emergencies, so it is necessary to continue education. Also, there is a difference in recognition of professionalism according to the career. It will be necessary to develop individualized education programs to meet the needs of care workers.


직무 수행동; 교육; 전문직업성; 장기요양
Job performance; Education; Professionalism; Long-term care
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