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Adenosine Blockage in Tumor Microenvironment and Improvement of Cancer Immunotherapy

Immune Network 2019년 19권 4호 p.23 ~ 23
 ( Arab Samaneh ) - Semnan University of Medical Sciences Nervous System Stem Cells Research Center

 ( Hadjati Jamshid ) - Tehran University of Medical Sciences School of Medicine Department of Immunology


Immunotherapy has been introduced into cancer treatment methods, but different problems have restricted the efficacy of these protocols in clinical trials such as the presence of various immunomodulatory factors in the tumor microenvironment. Adenosine is an immunosuppressive metabolite produced by the tumor to promote growth, invasion, metastasis, and immune evasion. Many studies about adenosine and its metabolism in cancer have heightened interest in pursuing this treatment approach. It seems that targeting the adenosine pathway in combination with immunotherapy may lead to efficient antitumor response. In this review, we provide information on the roles of both adenosine and CD73 in the immune system and tumor development. We also describe recent studies about combination therapy with both purinergic inhibitors and other immunotherapeutic methods.


Adenosine CD73 tumor immunotherapy
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