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Perceptions of patient-centered care and patient-centeredness experiences of patients and nurses in comprehensive nursing care units at general hospitals

병원경영학회지 2019년 24권 3호 p.48 ~ 50
배성희 ( Bae Sung-Heui ) - 이화여자대학교

이인영 ( Lee In-Young ) - 이화여자대학교 일반대학원
김정현 ( Kim Jeomg-Hyun ) - 이화여자대학교 일반대학원
오승진 ( Oh Seung-Jin ) - 대한간호협회 국제협력팀
신수진 (  ) - 이화여자대학교


Purposes: This study aimed to compare the perception between nurses and patients about comprehensive care services and to evaluate patient-centeredness experiences at comprehensive nursing care units.

Methodology: We enrolled 267 nurses and 184 patients from comprehensive nursing care units of seven general hospitals. We performed data collection and analysis using structured questionnaires and SPSS/PC 23.0 program, respectively, with frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, and χ2. test.

Findings: We observed a significant difference in perception about comprehensive nursing care services between nurses and patients(p < .001). While the patient-centeredness experience score was the highest in the nursing service, it was the lowest in patient right assurance. Regarding patients’ right assurance, ??easy-to-express complaints?? and ??opportunity to participate in decision making?? exhibited the lowest score.

Practical Implication: This study suggests that it is imperative to assess the above-mentioned problems comprehensively to enhance patient centeredness at comprehensive nursing care units.


nursing care; nursing service; patients; general hospital
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