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상급종합병원 간호사의 임상경력개발시스템에 대한 인식과 지불의사

Nurses' Perception and Willingness to Pay for Nursing Career Ladder System in General Hospital

병원경영학회지 2019년 24권 3호 p.61 ~ 71
이미준 ( Lee Mi-Joon ) - 강북삼성병원 헬스케어팀


Purposes: The purpose of this study is to analyze nurses' perception on the clinical career ladder system which was introduced to enhance the nursing capabilities in general hospital.

Methods: Research data has been collected for approximately 30 days since March 28, 2017 from 171 nurses who had been involved in the clinical career ladder system, 177 nurses who had not participated, and a total of 348.

Finding: The study results showed that nurses' perception on the cost effectiveness of clinical career ladder system is significantly different depending on the sex, age, program experience, personal stage in the clinical career ladder system and the individual's health condition. In addition, the nurses' willingness to pay for the clinical career ladder system was significantly associated with their department and the needs for the system. With adjusted age, gender, position, education and marital status, nursing competency was 8.71(95% Confidence Interval; 4.79 to 12.63) in the presence of system experience, but the perception on clinical career ladder system was 4.34(95% Confidence Interval; -6.84 to ?1.84).

Practical Implications: Based on the study results, we expect that more hospitals introduce the clinical career ladder system and also use these study results as basic data for securing excellent nurses.


Nurses; Competence; Perception; Career; Value-Based Purchasing
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