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일측 중동시각장애인의 삶의 경험

The Lived Experiences of People with Acquired Unilateral Visual Loss

경북간호과학지 2019년 23권 2호 p.34 ~ 46
김경란 ( Kim Kyung-Ran ) - 제주관광대학교 간호학과

양복순 ( Yang Bok-Sun ) - 예수대학교 간호학부


Purpose: This study aimed to explore and understand the meaning and essence of the people with acquired unilateral visual loss.

Methods: van Manen’s hermeneutics phenomenological method was used. There were seven participants with six grade visual disability who were introduced through the Korea Blind Union from June to August 2016. Data were collected by in-depth interview and phone interview until saturation was reached.

Results: The seven essential themes derived from the data analysis were as follows: ‘Sinking in the swamp of despair after their unilateral sight loss’, ‘Regretting the fact that they missed the right time for treatment’, ‘Striving to live in accordance with limited daily life’, ‘Restarting the communication with the world for themselves’, ‘Doing their best to keep residual vision’, ‘Accepting their own given reality’.

Conclusion: The study explored the experience of people living with the eyes of the mind after their acquired unilateral visual loss and overcoming the loss. The findings can be used to develop nursing interventions for the acquired unilateral visual loss. For further study, exploring family experiences living with a family member with visual loss is recommended.


후천성 시력상실; 잔여시력; 절망; 신체상변화
Blindness; Depression
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