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The Association between Resting Heart Rate and Arterial Stiffness in Men

대한임상건강증진학회지 2019년 19권 3호 p.121 ~ 127
두송희 ( Doo Song-Hee ) - 을지대학교병원 가정의학과

최희정 ( Choi Hee-Jeong ) - 을지대학교병원 가정의학과
박상봉 (  ) - 을지대학교병원 가정의학과
정동 ( Jung Dong ) - 을지대학교병원 가정의학과
심예나 ( Shim Ye-Na ) - 을지대학교병원 가정의학과
오한진 (  ) - 을지대학교병원 가정의학과


Background: Early detection of vascular change may improve prediction of subclinical stage of cardiovascular disease, allowing intervention to prevent overt vascular damage. High heart rate is known to increase car- diovascular morbidity and mortality rate in the general population and in individuals with cardiovascular disease. We aimed to investigate the association between resting heart rate (RHR) measured using electro- cardiogram (ECG) and arterial stiffness measured using the cardio- ankle vascular index (CAVI) in men.

Methods: Data were collected from 5,629 men aged between 20 and 78 years who visited a single-site health promotion center. RHR was measured in a supine posture after resting for 10 minutes using an ECG. Arterial stiffness was measured using the CAVI. The cutoff value for high CAVI was ≥ 9.0.

Results: RHR was one of the major determinants of high CAVI after adjusting for age, waist circumference, mean arterial pressure, glycosylated hemoglobin level, triglyceride level, white blood cell count, and lifestyle factors. When RHR groups were defined according to the RHR quartiles, the odds ratio of group with RHR ≥ 70 bpm, for high CAVI was 3.62 (95% confidence interval [CI], 2.21- 5.91) after adjusting for age and lifestyle factors. This association was not changed after adjusting for all other covariates (odds ratio, 2.39; 95% CI, 1.36-4.19).

Conclusions: RHR measured using ECG is significantly associated with arterial stiffness in men not taking med- ications for hypertension, dyslipidemia, or diabetes. These findings suggest that RHR may be useful in assess- ing cardiovascular risk in men.


Arteriosclerosis; Heart rate; Vascular stiffness; Risk assessment
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