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Annual Report of Korean Association of External Quality Assessment Service on Histocompatibility Testing (2018)

임상검사와정도관리 2019년 41권 3호 p.130 ~ 152
 ( Kang Eun-Suk ) - Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine Samsung Medical Center Department of Laboratory Medicine


Here, we report the results of the first histocompatibility proficiency testing (PT) performed by the Korean Association of External Quality Assessment Service in 2018. The directly prepared PT specimens of whole blood, sera, and mononuclear cell suspensions were distributed to participants biannually. The number of participants was comparable to that in the previous external PT program, and the response rate was 88%?100%. The accuracy rates for human leukocyte antigen (HLA) A, B, C, DR, and DQ low and high resolution typing were 100%/100%, 100%/98%, 100%/99%, and 99%/98%, respectively; HLA-B27 typing, 99.1%; T cell and B cell crossmatching, 3.1% and 6.0%, respectively; and HLA antibody screening and identification, 100% and 100%, respectively. The results of HLA crossmatching were not reported from four participants due to poor cell viability. Further improvements of the specimen delivery process, grading criteria for crossmatching, and format of participant summary are warranted.


Histocompatibility; Proficiency testing; Korean Association of External Quality Assessment Service
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