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정신과 병동 간호사의 폭력경험과 긍정심리자본이 소진에 미치는 영향

The Influence of Violent Experiences and Positive Psychological Capital on Burnout of Psychiatric Ward Nurses

보건의료산업학회지 2019년 13권 3호 p.67 ~ 80
김진희 ( Kim Jin-Hee ) - 가야대학교 간호학과


Objectives: The purpose of this study was to identify the relationships among violent experiences, positive psychological capital, and burnout, as well as to clarify the factors that affect psychiatric ward nurses’ burnout.

Methods: A descriptive research design was used. Participants were 213 psychiatric ward nurses recruited from twelve psychiatric hospitals. A structured self-report questionnaire was used to measure the study variables, and data were analyzed with the SPSS 24.0 program using descriptive statistics, an independent t-test, a one-way ANOVA, Pearson’s correlation coefficients, and multiple linear regression analyses.

Results: Burnout positively correlated with violent experiences (r=.14, p=.041), but negatively correlated with positive psychological capital (r=-.73, p<.001). Positive psychological capital was a significant variable for the burnout of psychiatric ward nurses (β=-.71, p<.001).

Conclusions: The study findings indicate a need to reinforce positive psychological capital for preventing and alleviating burnout of psychiatric ward nurses.


정신간호; 폭력; 긍정심리자본; 소진
Psychiatric Nursing; Violence; Positive Psychological Capital; Burnout
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