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배달종사자의 근로환경과 건강

Working Conditions and Health Status of Delivery Workers

한국직업건강간호학회지 2019년 28권 3호 p.156 ~ 165
이복임 ( Lee Bok-Im ) - 울산대학교 간호학과


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to compare working condition and health status between parcel delivery workers (PDW) and food delivery workers (FDW) and to examine the factors influencing their health status.

Methods: This was a secondary analysis of data collected from the fifth Korean Working Conditions Survey (KWCS). Based on existing literature, a set of variables was chosen from the KWCS.

Results: The proportion of PDW who carryied/moved heavy loads and experienced high job stress and lack of rest time was significantly higher than that of FDW. However, more FDW than their counterparts worked atypical hours. The differences in fatigue and well-being between PDW and FDW were not statistically significant. The multiple logistic regression analysis revealed low temperature, tobacco smoke, standing for long periods, and job stress were significant predictors of fatigue or well-being of FDW. Among PDW, noise, tobacco smoke, sitting for long periods, quantitative demands, hiding emotions, support from colleagues, job stress, no recovery period, and night work were significant predictors of fatigue or well-being.

Conclusion: The findings of this study may be useful in developing nursing interventions for disease protection health promotion of delivery workers.


근로; 직업건강; 배달종사자
Work; Occupational health; Delivery worker
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