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Determination of the botanical origin of honeybee honeys based on the analysis of their selected physicochemical parameters coupled with chemometric assays

Food Science and Biotechnology 2019년 28권 5호 p.1307 ~ 1314
 ( Majewska Ewa ) - Warsaw University of Life Sciences Faculty of Food Sciences

 ( Druzynska Beata ) - Warsaw University of Life Sciences Faculty of Food Sciences
 ( Wolosiak Rafal ) - Warsaw University of Life Sciences Faculty of Food Sciences


The aim of this paper was to study the select physicochemical parameters of 58 honey samples of 4 different botanical origins (buckwheat, linden, rape and acacia) using multivariate methods in order to classify honeys according to the botanical origin. Five standard physicochemical parameters were determined according to the international legislation: water content, electrical conductivity, total ash content, free acidity and pH. The results obtained were mostly in agreement with international regulations. Then, the results obtained were analysed by principal components analysis and cluster analysis. The chemometric analysis of results of determinations of the physicochemical parameters demonstrated such markers as electrical conductivity and ash content (i.e. parameters linked with minerals content) to be the most reliable markers in determining the botanical origin of linden and buckwheat honeys. Unfortunately, they appear insufficient for reliable identification of acacia and rapeseed honeys.


Honey; Ash; Electrical conductivity; Chemometric; Botanical origin
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