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Quality Properties of Jicama (Pachyrhizus erosus) Jangachi by Different Sugars during Storage

한국식품조리과학회지 2019년 35권 4호 p.325 ~ 334
정현숙 ( Jung Hyun-Sook ) - 순천대학교 생명산업과학대학 조리과학과


Purpose: This study investigated the quality properties of jicama Jangachi that was prepared by using different sugars (sugar, corn syrup, oligosaccharide and xylose).

Methods: The pH, sugar content, salinity, color value, total bacterial count, hardness and sensory evaluation of jicama Jangachi were determined.

Results: The pH decreased as the storage period became longer, and it was the lowest in the jicama Jangachi prepared with sugar. The sugar content and salinity showed a tendency to be lower in the jicama Jangachi prepared with corn syrup. The L and b values were decreased, and a value was decreased after 7 days, and there were differences depending on the type of sugar used. The total bacterial counts were highest in the jicama Jangachi prepared with corn syrup and this was lowest in the jicama Jangachi prepared with sugar. The hardness was not significantly different among the types of sugar. On the sensory evaluation, the jicama Jangachi prepared with sugar and xylose showed high acceptability.

Conclusion: The results suggested that the quality characteristics of jicama Jangachi were influenced by the type of sugar used, and xylose, which has good quality and acceptability, can be used as a sugar substitute.


jicama; Pachyrhizus erosus; Jangachi; quality properties; sugar
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