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Aroma Components and Sensory Characteristics of Coffee Germinated with Wine

한국식품조리과학회지 2019년 35권 4호 p.346 ~ 356
문상윤 ( Moon Sang-Yoon ) - 충남대학교 식품영양학과

김미리 ( Kim Mee-Ree ) - 충남대학교 식품영양학과


Purpose: This study was aimed to examine the aroma components and sensory characteristics of coffee germinated with wine.

Methods: The green coffee beans were soaked in 1, 3 or 5% wine and germinated at 20~25℃ temperature for 12 h. Next, they were washed with water and dried in a dryer to a moisture content of 10 to 12%. The GC-IMS electronic nose was used to compare the aroma components of commercial coffee, germinated coffee and specialty coffee using Colombia coffee consumed domestically.

Results: As a result of principal component analysis of the aroma components detected by GC-IMS electronic nose, the aroma pattern of five kinds of coffee was clearly distinguished. The ethyl acetate detected by GC-IMS increased according to the wine concentration of germination coffee, though almost not detected in commercial Colombia coffee. The sensory test using the SCAA cupping method by 10 cuppers showed that the flavor characteristics of 5% wine germinated coffee were similar with those of specialty coffee with fruity and flowery scent.

Conclusion: These results suggested that coffee germinated with wine had a similar aroma pattern to that of specialty coffee, and this wine germinated coffee was expected to receive good responses from domestic consumers.


wine germinated; specialty coffee; aroma; GC-IMS; sensory characteristics
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