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찹쌀전분을 첨가한 고구마 펄의 품질 및 저장 특성

Quality and Storage Characteristics of Sweet Potato Pearl with Waxy Rice Starch

한국식품조리과학회지 2019년 35권 4호 p.394 ~ 402
노준희 ( No Jun-Hee ) - 송원대학교 식품영양학과

황몽요 ( Huang Meng-Yo ) - 전남대학교 식품영양학과
김완수 ( Kim Wan-Soo ) - 호남대학교 조리과학과
신말식 ( Shin Mal-Shick ) - 전남대학교 식품영양학과


Purpose: The quality characteristics of pearls made from sweet potato paste containing waxy rice starch were investigated to develop a sweet potato pearl (SPP) with functional pigments and dietary fiber substituted for tapioca pearl.
Methods: The sweet potato pastes containing functional pigments were mixed with different percentages of waxy rice starch. Creamy fleshed Sinyulmi, purple fleshed Sinjami, and orange fleshed Juhwangmi pastes were used. The color values, shape, textural properties and sensory evaluation of SPPs were measured.

Results: The lightness values of SPPs decreased with the addition of sweet potato paste, and the redness and yellowness were different from those that used different sweet potato pastes. The hardness, cohesiveness, and resilience were significantly different between waxy rice starch pearl and sweet potato pearl (p<0.05), but the scores of the sensory evaluation were not significantly different. The overall acceptance of SPP containing 40 and 50% paste showed relatively high scores.

Conclusion: From above results, SPPs prepared from pigment fleshed sweet potato paste with functional pigments and dietary fiber and waxy rice starch can be developed as Korean beverages with sweet potato pearl to succeed the traditional dietary culture.


pigment fleshed sweet potato; paste; pearl; waxy rice starch; beverage
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