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Effects of Ankle and Hip Strategy Training on Improving the Center of Pressure Movements and Limits of Stability in Stroke Patients

 ( Park Shin-Jun ) - Gangdong University Department of Physical Therapy

박성현 ( Park Sung-Hyun ) - Yongin Seoul Hospital
 ( Kim Yong-Youn ) - Dongnam Health University Department of Physical Therapy


Background: Stroke patients have leg muscle weakness and impaired balance resulting in compensatory changes. To restore balance in these patients, functional training using postural strategy is needed.
Objective: To examine the effects of ankle and hip strategy training on the center of pressure (COP) movement and limits of stability (LOS) in standing posture in stroke patients.

Design: The study was an assessor-blinded and randomized-controlled clinical trial.

Methods: Thirty patients were randomly assigned to an ankle strategy training group and a ankle/ hip strategy training group. Patients in the ankle strategy training group underwent ankle strategy exercise for 30 min, and those in the ankle/ hip strategy training group underwent 15 min of ankle strategy exercise and 15 min of hip strategy exercise. Both groups underwent training thrice a week for four weeks. Forward, backward, paretic side, and non-paretic side COP movements and LOS were measured using BioRescue.

Results: After the intervention, except for the backward area in the ankle strategy training group, the COP movement area and the LOS were significantly improved in both the groups. In addition, these improvements were significantly higher in ankle/ hip strategy training group than that in the ankle strategy training group.

Conclusions: Ankle strategy training in addition to hip strategy training improves COP movement (forward-backward, paretic side area, and nonparetic side area) and LOS in stroke patients.


Ankle strategy; Hip strategy; LOS; COP; Stroke
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