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Effect of Kinesiolology taping and Posture Stabilizing Exercise on Pain, Craniovertebral Angle, Proprioception in Adults with Forward Head Posture

 ( Choi Jung-Hyun ) - Namseoul University Department of Physical Therapy


Background: The importance of postural stabilization and cervical mobilization in subjects with pain from the anterior head posture is drawing more attention.
However, studies on head and neck stabilizing intervention after mobilization are lacking.

Objective: To examine the effects of Kinesiotaping and posture setting exercise on forward head posture (FHP).

Design: Crossover Study Design Methods: The subjects were 17 male and female college students in their 20s with FHP. They were randomized into the Kinesiology taping group (KTG) with 9 subjects and posture stabilizing exercise group (PSEG) with 8 subjects. The intervention was conducted for 4 weeks, and changes in pain, craniovertebral angle (CVA), and proprioception were observed before and after intervention.

Results: Pain was significantly reduced in the KTG and PSEG both before and after intervention. CVA and proprioception were significantly decreased only in the PSEG. The differences in CVA and proprioception between the two groups were significant.

Conclusions: These findings suggest that the application of posture setting exercise could decrease pain, CVA, proprioceptive error on FHP.


Kinesioloty Taping; Posture Stabilizing Exercise; Pain; Craniovertebral Angle; Proprioception
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