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지방 소도시 어린이 급식시설에 대한 위생순회방문지도의 효과 -경북 예천군 지역을 중심으로 -

Effects of Periodic Visiting Education Support on the Sanitation Management of Foodservice Facilities for Children in the Local Small City: A Focus on the Yecheon-gun Area

산업식품공학 201년 23권 3호 p.200 ~ 208
박혜진 ( Park Hye-Jin ) - 경북대학교 식품외식산업학과

최찬익 ( Cheigh Chan-Ick ) - 경북대학교 식품외식산업학과


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of periodic visiting education support by the Center for Children’s Foodservice Management (CCFSM) on the sanitation management of foodservice facilities for children in the local small city of Yecheon-gun area. The subjects were 32 children's foodservice facilities with less than 100 members including 8 institutional (≥50, 25.0%) and 24 non-institutional facilities (≥21, <50, 40.6%; ≤20, 34.4%). The status of sanitation management was assessed in five main categories such as environment, personal hygiene, raw material, food processing, and storage management. The highest performance was observed in the personal hygiene category, and the 3 facility groups has shown significant improvement in the item “Foodservice workers are thorough in personal hygiene” (pre-support, 1.75±1.74; post-, 2.88±1.52; p<0.001). The process management made significant improvements in all the items except for “The cooked food is managed to be consumed within 2 h.” Storage management showed significant improvement in the item “Management of temperature in a refrigeration/ freezing facility” (pre-, 1.19±2.94; post-, 2.94±1.76; p<0.001) and “Food is stored in accordance with preservation and storage standards” (pre-, 1.81±1.71; post-, 3.63±1.07; p<0.001). The results of the present study demonstrate that periodic visiting education support for food safety has positive effect on the sanitation management of foodservice facilities for children in a local small city.


periodic visiting education support; sanitation management; foodservice facilities for children; food safety
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