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국립공원 기초통계자료분석을 기반으로 한 해상·해안형 국립공원 관리운영개선에 대한 기초 연구

A Basic Study on How to Improve the Management and Operation of Maritime or Coastal National Parks as Based on the Analysis of the Basic Statistical Data on National Parks

한국환경과학회지 2019년 28권 9호 p.751 ~ 763
이희원 ( Lee Hee-Won ) - 한경대학교 조경학과

염성진 ( Yeom Sung-Jin ) - 한경대학교 조경학과


National parks, which are preserved areas of 6,726.298 km2(3,972.589 km2 on land and 2,753.709 km2, at sea), take up 6.71% of the national territory, and they are classified by type into 17 mountain parks, 4 maritime or coastal parks, and 1 historical site park. Of them all, the maritime or coastal national parks, which are preserved areas covering wide tracts of maritime, lately attract increasing numbers of visitors. In this light, this study identifies the issues with the maritime or coastal national parks such as the changes in the number of visitors and the unbalance involved in the budget execution, based on the visitors to the national parks and the specifics of budget executed for them. On this basis, the study has conducted the research with a view to suggesting improvements for more useful management and operation of the maritime or coastal national parks. As a result, the study has reached the following conclusions. First, to accommodate those who want to visit the maritime or coastal national parks, the tour infrastructure needs to be expanded to guide the visitors’ use of the facilities by focusing on their touring behavior and characteristics. Second, budget should be acquired through diversifying revenue structure to eliminate hugely unbalanced budget. Third, visitors nowadays come to national parks for recreational experience or to tour nature, but the maritime or coastal national parks focus on cultural facilities. To accommodate the visitors’ needs, the parks should get diversified visitor facilities that reflect the regional characteristics.


Coastal national parks; Visitors; Budget execution; Visitor facilities; Management and operation
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