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공립수목원의 운영관리 개선을 위한 정책 중요도와 만족도 분석 연구 - 대구수목원을 사례로 -

A Study on Policy Priority and Satisfaction in Improving the Operation of the Public Arboretum

한국환경과학회지 2019년 28권 9호 p.797 ~ 806
류연수 ( Ryu Yeon-Su ) - 대구경북연구원


The purposes of this study are to comprehend the importance of policy in improving the operation of the public arboretum and survey the program satisfaction of participants and operators based on the case of the Daegu arboretum. According to the order of policy priority regarding the Daegu arboretum, the expansion of the education program topped the list with 0.155 points, followed by the establishment of a vision and goal, and the reestablishment of function, which scored 0.135 and 0.135 points, respectively. Fostering citizens’ participation through volunteer work was in the upper ranks with 0.131 points. Building networks among public arboretums and constructing a research cooperation system with universities turned up with 0.09 and 0.075 points. As the result of program satisfaction, participants’ satisfaction was around 0.66 points higher than that of operators’ satisfaction. In the case of participants, comprehensive satisfaction, including that with the program operation method, was very high at 4.85 points. Out of the entire program, the operators were the most satisfied with the benefits. This study aims to share improvement plans for public arboretums constructed in urban areas, analyzing policy priorities and satisfaction related to the Daegu arboretum. The results of this study can be utilized as data for the improvement plans of public arboretums. If improvement plans for public arboretums are modeled with other follow-up case studies, it will help ensure that public arboretums become evolving rather than fixed areas for citizens.


Public arboretum; Policy priority; Program satisfaction; Arboretum improvement plan
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