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Combined Effects of Sodium Substitution and Addition of Cellulose or Chitosan on Quality Properties of Pork Sausages

한국축산식품학회지 2019년 39권 4호 p.555 ~ 564
 ( Jin Sang-Keun ) - Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology Department of Animal Resources Technology

 ( Hur Sun-Jin ) - Chung-Ang University Department of Animal Science and Technology
 ( Yim Dong-Gyun ) - Sangji University Department of Animal Science and Technology


The aim of this study was to assess the impacts of cellulose/chitosan addition in combination with sodium substitution, including KCl and MgCl2, on the quality and sensory properties of sausages. Sausages (control, 100% NaCl; T1, 60% NaCl, and 40% KCl; T2, 50% NaCl, 40% KCl, and 10% MgCl2) were formulated with cellulose/chitosan at concentrations of 3% and compared to control. T1 and T2 decreased the pH values (p<0.05), while the use of cellulose increased these values. Biopolymer addition reduced lipid oxidation (p<0.05). In sausages containing cellulose, volatile basic nitrogen (VBN) in T1 was lower than that in T2 (p<0.05). The use of cellulose increased L*-, a*-, and W color values in T1 (p<0.05). Furthermore, cellulose addition was associated with lower hardness (p<0.05). Cellulose addition contributed to better overall acceptability (p<0.05). Consequently, a combined mixture containing T1 and cellulose appears to be the best
combination, indicating a possible synergistic effect.


sodium substitution; cellulose; chitosan; meat quality
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