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Understanding Painful Hip in Young Adults: A Review Article

Hip & Pelvis 2019년 31권 3호 p.129 ~ 135
 ( Luthra Jatinder Singh ) - Khoula Hospital Department of Orthopedic Surgery

 ( Al-Habsi Salim ) - Khoula Hospital Department of Orthopedic Surgery
 ( Al-Ghanami Suwailim ) - Khoula Hospital Department of Orthopedic Surgery
 ( Ghosh Soubhik ) - Khoula Hospital Department of Orthopedic Surgery
 ( Al-Muzahemi Khamis ) - Khoula Hospital Department of Radiology


A wide number of disorders, including pathologies outside the hip, can cause and refer pain to hip. However, determining the cause of a painful hip can be a major challenge to orthopedic surgeons. Failure to diagnose and appropriately investigate pathologies of the hip in adults may result in delayed management and prolonged patient morbidity. A systematic approach to investigating the etiology of hip pain in adults (e.g., history, careful clinical and radiographic examination), will help identify the majority of clinically important pathologies which can cause hip pain. Conservative treatment and selective use of injection therapies has proven quite successful for the treatment of most causes of hip pain.


Hip; Femoroacetabulum impingement; Osteoarthritis; Dysplasia
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