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당뇨병성 신증 환자의 자가관리

Self-Care of Diabetic Nephropathy

Journal of Korean Diabetes 2019년 20권 3호 p.176 ~ 180
신윤정 ( Shin Uoon-Jeong ) - 서울아산병원 당뇨병센터


Early intervention in patients with diabetes may slow the progression of kidney disease, and early recognition of renal impairment is critical to achieving optimal patient outcomes. Annual screening for the presence of albuminuria in diabetic patients is necessary to prevent diabetic neuropathy. Selection of the appropriate medication to control blood glucose and blood pressure is also important. In addition, however, patients should be willing to manage themselves to overcome diabetic kidney disease through lifestyle changes such as diet, smoking, and weight management, and restrictions on private therapies.


Diabetic nephropathies; Self care
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