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노인 당뇨병 환자의 자가관리를 위한 돌봄 Tips

Care Tips for Self-Care among Older Diabetic Patients

Journal of Korean Diabetes 2019년 20권 3호 p.190 ~ 193
유빈 ( Yoo Been ) - 강동경희대학교병원 사회사업팀


With the increase in the elderly population, the number of elderly diabetics is also increasing rapidly. To educate older people with diabetes, we need to understand their characteristics and those of their main caregiver, establish careful and individualized treatment goals, and provide concrete and practical education. Diabetes educators should provide comprehensive geriatric assessment, personalized diabetes education through psychosocial assessment, practical guidance, family education, self-management skills for elderly diabetic patients and caregivers. Diabetes educators should keep in mind to consider elderly diabetic patients can support family or social resources to continue self-management.


Caregivers; Care tips; Diabetes self-management; Elderly diabetic patients
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