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The Effects of Walking Exercise on the Pain, Physical Disability, Depression, and Sleep Quality in Older Adults with Low Back Pain

글로벌 건강과 간호 2019년 9권 2호 p.70 ~ 79
이미순 ( Lee Mi-Soon ) - 창신대학교 간호학과

이해정 ( Lee Hae-Jung ) - 부산대학교 간호대학


Purpose: This study aimed to identify the effects of walking exercise on pain, physical disability, depression, and sleep quality in older adults with low back pain.

Methods: A non-equivalent control group pre-post-test design was employed to examine the effects of 8 weeks of walking exercise in older adults with low back pain (N=79). Participants were older adults aged 65 or older with low back pain, and the mean age was 75.77±5.64 years. They were assigned to the walking group (n=36) and control group (n=46) using a convenience method. Data were analysed using x2 and independent t-tests in IBM SPSS/WIN 21.0.

Results: The walking group showed significant improvement in pain, disability, and depression and quality of sleep compared to the control group.

Conclusion: The study’s findings indicate that walking exercise is effective for improving physical health, emotional health, and sleep quality. Walking was found to be good for health promotion in older adults with low back pain. Further studies are needed to identify additional positive effects of walking in older adults with low back pain.


요통;, 노인; 걷기
Back pain; low back pain; Aged; Walking
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