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소음관리교육이 신생아중환자실 간호사의 소음인지정도, 소음관리 수행도 및 소음 정도에 미치는 효과

Effect of Noise Management Education on Noise Perception, Performance of Noise Management and Noise Level of Nurses in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

글로벌 건강과 간호 2019년 9권 2호 p.80 ~ 87
김별님 ( Kim Byol-Nim ) - 양산부산대학교병원

손민서 ( Son Min-Seo ) - 부산대학교 간호대학
강인순 (  ) - 부산대학교 간호대학


Purpose: To provide basic data for improving noise map management, noise management performance and environment and infant development through noise management education of neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurses.

Methods: The study data were collected from 42 nurses working at NICU before and after intervention. The educational materials were prepared and used in the form of pamphlets. Data were analyzed by calculating frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation as performing a paired t-test using SPSS 23.0 program.

Results: Noise awareness was 2.48 before training and 2.44 after training (t=.51, p=.610). Noise management performance was significantly improved after intervention (t=1.51, p<.001). The 24-hour noise level of the neonatal intensive care unit was 57.42 dBA pre-training and 56.10 dBA post-training, and The post-training noise level was significantly (t=3.89, p=.001).
Conclusion: It is necessary to educate NICU nurses about noise management periodically; This will facilitate the provision of an environment for the rapid recovery and healing of newborn babies.


소음; 소음관리 수행도; 소음인지정도; 신생아중환자실
Noise; Neonatal Intensive Care Units
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