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중국 연변 지역 남녀 대학생의 성 실태 비교

The Sexual Behaviors of University Students in Yanbian China: A Gender Comparison Study

글로벌 건강과 간호 2019년 9권 2호 p.99 ~ 109
김미향 ( Jin Meixiang ) - 중국연변대학과학기술학원

정재원 ( Chung Chae-Weon ) - 서울대학교 간호대학


Purpose: To investigate the differences between genders in university students in Yanbian, China, regarding their experiences, knowledge, and attitude toward sex.

Methods: This was a cross-sectional structured questionnaire survey using a convenient sampling method. Data was collected using an online survey via mobile -phones or computer devices.

Results: There were 287 students who completed the survey, with 64.9% of them female and 35.1% male. Among sexual experiences, the amount of sexual intercourse (x2 =4.70, p=.030), students' feelings after their first sexual intercourse (x2 =10.79, p=.005), and their preferred contraceptive method (x2 =7.67, p=.025) differed by gender. No significant difference between genders was shown regarding the level of knowledge about sex. The average score of correct answers was 53.7%. Male students showed significantly higher scores on attitudes toward sexuality than females (t=8.65, p<.001). Attitudes toward sexuality differed -between the genders in all the demographic characteristics, except for an understanding of sexual education, where female and males alike were lacking.

Conclusion: The results show that among university students, both genders show a lack of knowledge about sexuality, and that attitudes toward sex differ according to gender. This has important implications for comprehensive, gender-equal sex education in universities, and should focus especially on artificial abortion and providing accurate contraceptive methods.


성지식; 성태도; 성경험; 대학생
Sexual behavior; Knowledge; Attitude; University; Students
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