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Nitrendipine, an antihypertensive alpha calcium channel blocker, is cytotoxic to neuroblastoma cells

Molecular & Cellular Toxicology 2019년 15권 4호 p.469 ~ 475
 ( Rivera Isabel ) - UCSD Initiative for Maximizing Student Development Program

 ( Cauvi David M. ) - University of California San Diego Department of Surgery
 ( Arispe Nelson ) - Uniformed Services University School of Medicine Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Genetics
 ( De Maio Antonio ) - University of California San Diego Department of Surgery


Backgrounds: Alpha calcium channel blockers (CCB) are widely prescribed for the treatment of hypertension, including Nitrendipine (NTD). The anti-hypertension effect of NTD is related to binding and blocking the activity of the voltage-gated L-type calcium channels. These channels consist of four subunits (α1, α2/δ, γ and β subunits), localized in the plasma membrane.

Methods: Cellular proliferation was determined by the XTT method and apoptosis was measured by flow cytometry. The expression of the α1c subunit (Cacna1c) of the voltage-gated L-type calcium channels was reduced by siRNA and assessed by quantitative RT-PCR.

Results: NTD blocked the proliferation of murine neuroblastoma (N2a cells) and induced apoptosis in a concentration-dependent manner. A decrease in Cacna1c expression did not have a significant effect on NTD toxicity of N2a cells.

Conclusion: NTD induced apoptosis on neuroblastoma cells, appears to be independent of the expression of the L-type calcium channel.


Alpha channel calcium blockers; Hypertension; Nitrendipine; Voltage-gated L-type calcium channels
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