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50대 만성허리통증 환자들을 대상으로 다리들기와 다리내리기 운동이 배 근육의 활성도, 허리통증, 그리고 유연성에 미치는 영향

Effects of Straight Leg Lifts and Double Leg Lowering Exercise on Abdominal Muscle Activity, Back Pain, and Flexibility in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain in their 50s

대한통합의학회지 2019년 7권 3호 p.61 ~ 69
배원식 ( Bae Won-Sik ) - 경남정보대학교 물리치료과

이건철 ( Lee Keon-Cheol ) - 경남정보대학교 물리치료과
박한규 ( Park Han-Kyu ) - 부산성모병원


Purpose : The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of Straight leg lifts (SLL) and double leg lowering (DLL) exercise on abdominal muscle activity, visual analog scale (VAS), and flexibility in patients with chronic low back pain (LBP).

Methods : A total of 30 LBP patients were divided into two groups: those with SLL exercise group 15 (male=8, female=7) and those with DLL exercise group 15 (male=7, female=8). Before the intervention, the abdominal muscle activity, VAS, and flexibility were measured. After 4 weeks of intervention, the above variables were measured in the same way. The SLL exercise bends the leg 45 ˚ in the supine position, and the DLL exercise was performed as opposed to SLL. At this time, the pressure biofeedback unit (PBU) was placed behind the lumbar to reduce the instability of the pelvis and muscles. The subjects were instructed to use the PBU to maintain the target pressure determined (40 ㎜Hg) during the exercise.

Results : The external oblique (EO), internal oblique (IO), and transverse abdominis (TrA) were significantly different in the SLL and DLL group, and EO, IO, and TrA activity improved more significantly increased in the DLL than SLL group (p<.05). The results on the VAS and flexibility were significantly different both group (p<.05). However, there was no significant difference between the groups (p>.05).

Conclusion : SLL and DLL exercises in patients with LBP were able to confirm the increased activity of the abdominal muscles, decreased pain, and increased flexibility of the waist. In addition, DLL exercise is more effective in patients with LBP in terms of muscle activity.


straight leg lifts; double leg lowering; low back pain
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