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Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation Program and National Health Insurance System in Korea

Journal of Minimally Invasive Surgery 2019년 22권 3호 p.91 ~ 100
 ( Yoo Han-Mo ) - Catholic University College of Medicine Department of Surgery

 ( Kim Jong-Han ) - Korea University College of Medicine Department of Surgery
 ( Lee Sang-Kuon ) - Catholic University College of Medicine Department of Surgery


Since the first laparoscopic bariatric surgery in Korea introduced in January 2003, the number of metabolic and bariatric surgery has been steadily increasing. According to the report from National Health Insurance big data analysis, the prevalence of morbid and super obesity has greatly increased and metabolic and bariatric surgery also increased in the last 10 years. As the incidence of morbid obesity is more frequent in people of poor socioeconomic status, the need for a reimbursement by the government seemed to be necessary. Finally, the national health insurance system decided to financially cover metabolic and bariatric surgery from January 2019. In order to improve the safety and qualify of metabolic and bariatric surgery, the Korean Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery (KSMBS) introduced surgeon’s and institution’s accreditation system. The authors intend to introduce comprehensive overview of accreditation system of bariatric surgery and discuss the contents of national health insurance for metabolic and bariatric surgery.


Metabolic surgery; Bariatric surgery; Accreditation; National health insurance
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