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Analysis of the Educational Value of YouTube Laparoscopic Appendectomy Videos

Journal of Minimally Invasive Surgery 2019년 22권 3호 p.119 ~ 126
 ( Park Ki-Bum ) - Catholic University College of Medicine Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital Department of Surgery

 ( Kim Moon-Jin ) - Catholic University College of Medicine Incheon St. Mary’s Hospital Department of Surgery
 ( Lee Jun-Suh ) - Seoul National University College of Medicine Seoul National University Bundang Hospital Department of Surgery


Purpose: To evaluate the educational value of laparoscopic appendectomy (LA) videos on YouTube for surgical trainees.

Methods: The search term “Laparoscopic appendectomy” was used on YouTube. The top 100 videos sorted by the number of views were evaluated. Each YouTube account was analyzed, and only videos uploaded by medical physicians were included in this study. Video quality was evaluated using an arbitrary appendectomy scoring system. Video characteristics and Global Operative Assessment of Laparoscopic Skills (GOALS) scores were analyzed regarding video quality and upload source.

Results: The video quality of 14 (25.0%) videos was graded as good, 36 (64.3%) moderate, and 6 (10.7%) of poor quality. Video characteristic analysis showed no differences in video quality according to the upload source (p=0.573). Video quality and upload source were not related to video length, total views, days online, number of likes, number of dislikes, number of comments, or GOALS score. Among the factors analyzed, only appendicitis severity was found to be associated with video grade (p=0.049).

Conclusion: The quality of LA YouTube videos varied. Categories considered as viewer feedback were not associated with video grade or upload source. Responsible video uploading by academic institutions, and appropriate censorship by YouTube seems necessary. Further research with objective data on actual application to surgical trainees is necessary.


YouTube; Laparoscopy; Appendectomy; Online learning; Surgical training
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