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Crossbar Technique for the Failed Clavicular Hook Plate Fixation in an Acute Acromioclavicular Joint Dislocation: Salvage for Acromial Fracture after Clavicular Hook Plate

Clinics in Shoulder and Elbow 2019년 22권 3호 p.149 ~ 153
 ( Koh Kyoung-Hwan ) - University of Ulsan College of Medicine Asan Medical Center Department of Orthopedic Surgery

 ( Shin Dong-Ju ) - Daegu Fatima Hospital Department of Orthopedic Surgery
황성문 ( Hwang Seong-Mun ) - Daegu Fatima Hospital Department of Orthopedic Surgery


We experienced acromial erosion and subsequent fracture after the treatment of Rockwood type V acromioclavicular dislocation with hook plate and coracoclavicular ligament augmentation. It was treated by using a surgical technique to address an acromial fracture and subsequent losses of reduction in acromioclavicular joint with two trans-acromial cortical screws (crossbar technique). The reduction state of acromioclavicular joint could be maintained by these two screws. Our crossbar technique could be considered as a good salvage procedure for the reduction loss caused by cutout or significant erosion of acromion after insertion of clavicular hook plate.


Acromioclavicular joint; Hook plate; Acromial fracture; Crossbar technique
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