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덖음온도를 달리하여 전저리한 삼백초 건조물의 이화학적 특성 및 물과 70% 에탄올 추출물의 항산화효과

Physicochemical properties of dried Saururus chinensis and the antioxidative activities of water and 70% ethanol extracts

Journal of Nutrition and Health 2019년 52권 4호 p.399 ~ 407
강명화 ( Kang Myung-Hwa ) - 호서대학교 식품영양학과

안수미 ( An Su-Mi ) - 호서대학교 나노바이오트로닉스 대학원
김도희 ( Kim Do-Hee ) - 호서대학교 식품영양학과


Purpose: This study was conducted to evaluate the physicochemical properties of different batches of Saururus chinensis using different roasting temperature that were dried at different using different roasting temperatures and their were determined the antioxidative activities of water and 70% ethanol extracts.

Methods: Extracts were examined for the total phenolic acid content, the and flavonoids contents and the antioxidant properties, including DPPH radical scavenging activity, ABTs scavenging activity and, the reducing power.

Results: Moisture content was significantly higher in the LSC and the crude ash content was significantly higher in the HSC. The crude protein content was higher in the LSC (although not significantly), and the crude fat and carbohydrate contents were higher in the HSC (although not significantly). The total phenolic content was lower in the samples extracted with water, but there was no significant difference. However, the extracts extracted with 70% ethanol at a high drying temperature were significantly higher. The low temperature and high drying temperature batches of Saururus chinensis were significantly higher in the samples extracted with 70% ethanol than those extracted with 70% ethanol. The total phenolic acid content, the total flavonoid content and the electron donating ability were highest in the ethanol extract of Saururuschinensis treated at a high temperature. However, the ABTs radical activity was highest in the water extracted, high-temperature treated Saururuschinensis. The 70% ethanol extract of high temperature roasted Saururuschinensis had the highest antioxidative activities of all the Saururuschinensis batches.

Conclusion: The total phenolic acid contents, total flavonoid contents, electron donating activity and reducing power activity were highest in all the 70% ethanol extraction batches of the high-temperature treated samples.


Saururus chinensis; DPPH radicals; physicochemical; antioxidative; ABTs
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