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Chemoport-A Savior in Children Who Require Chronic Venous Access: An Observational Study

Vascular Specialist International 2019년 35권 3호 p.145 ~ 151
 ( Radhakrishna Veerabhadra ) - Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute Department of Paediatric Surgery

 ( Radhakrishnan Chittur Narendra ) - Manipal Hospital Department of Paediatric Surgery
 ( Rao Ravikiran Cheelenahalli Srinivasa ) - Manipal Hospital Department of Paediatric Surgery
 ( Kireeti Gollamandala ) - Manipal Hospital Department of Paediatric Surgery


Purpose: Long-term venous access is cumbersome in children because of their thin caliber veins, less cooperative nature, and easy compromise of venous integrity. Hence, a study was conducted to evaluate the indication, efficacy, and safety of chemoport in children who require chronic venous access.

Materials and Methods: Children who underwent chemoport insertion between January 2008 and December 2017 were retrospectively evaluated.

Results: A total of 159 children (169 chemoports) were included in the study. The most common indication for chemoport insertion was acute lymphoblastic leukemia (51.5%). The mean chemoport days were 832±666 days. Among the 169 chemoports, 55.0% were removed after treatment completion. The chemoport was not removed in 35.5% of the patients, as 28.4% of the patients were still under treatment and 7.1% died during the treatment. Sixteen patients (0.1 per 1,000 chemoport days) had a premature chemoport removal. The indications were portrelated bloodstream infection (12 patients), port pocket infection (1 patient), exposed chemoport (1 patient), and blocked chemoport catheter (2 patients). Twenty-two patients (0.15 per 1,000 chemoport days) had complications of port-related bloodstream infection (0.09 per 1,000 chemoport days), making it the most common. Other complications include block, fracture, arrhythmias, avulsion, bleeding, decubitus-over-port, and port pocket infection.

Conclusion: Owing to the safe, reliable, and low complication rate of chemoports, more children can be saved from deadly illnesses. Chemoport is the best option for children who require chronic venous access.


Indwelilng catheter, Adverse effects, Child, Leukemia, Neoplasms, Vascular access devices
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