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Elastography of focal testicular lesions: current concepts and utility

Ultrasonography 2019년 38권 4호 p.302 ~ 310
 ( Fang Cheng ) - King’s College Hospital Department of Radiology

 ( Huang Dean Y. ) - King’s College Hospital Department of Radiology
 ( Sidhu Paul S. ) - King’s College Hospital Department of Radiology


As a relatively new sonographic technique, tissue elastography has emerged as a qualitative and potentially quantitative adjunctive tool to provide additional information on tissue stiffness, aiming to further improve diagnostic confidence in discriminating benign from malignant focal testicular lesions. The purpose of this review is to provide an overview of the elastography techniques used to assess focal testicular lesions and their typical appearance on tissue elastography.


Ultrasonography; Testicular neoplasms; Elasticity imaging techniques; Leydig cells tumor; Epidermal cyst
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