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Overall health and drinking behavior among pregnant and breastfeeding women in Korea

Epidemiology and Health 2019년 41권 1호 p.36 ~ 36
 ( Kim Eun-Gyeong ) - Kunsan National University Department of Nursing


OBJECTIVES: The study was to conduct a comparative assessment of drinking behaviors and overall health among pregnant and breastfeeding women.

METHODS: This study used data collected from the Korean Community Health Survey in 2015. Data obtained from 2,156 pregnant or breastfeeding women were analyzed using descriptive statistics, the t-test, the chi-square test, and the Pearson correlation coefficient.

RESULTS: Current drinking and alcohol consumption were higher among pregnant women than among breastfeeding women. Depression was twice as common among breastfeeding women than among pregnant women, and stress was much higher among breastfeeding women as well. Breastfeeding women also had lower subjective dental health and more unmet medical needs than pregnant women.

CONCLUSIONS: Although pregnant women were in better overall health than breastfeeding women, many of them were unable to stop drinking, which is a risky and adverse health behavior that negatively affects maternal and fetal health. In order to reduce drinking among pregnant and breastfeeding women, it is necessary to develop a tailored, standardized educational program and national guidelines.


Pregnant; Breastfeeding; Alcohol; Health status; Korea
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