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노출감시체계 구축을 위한 작업환경측정 정보 표준화

Standardization of work environment measurement information for constructing exposure surveillance system

한국산업보건학회지 2019년 29권 3호 p.322 ~ 335
최상준 ( Choi Sang-Jun ) - 대구가톨릭대학교 산업보건학과

정지연 ( Jeong Jee-Yeon ) - 용인대학교 산업환경보건학과
 ( Im Sung-Guk ) - 대한산업보건협회 환경위생팀
임대성 ( Lim Dai-Soung ) - 한성보건안전기술원(주)
고동희 ( Koh Dong-Hee ) - 가톨릭관동대학교 성모병원
박동욱 ( Park Dong-Uk ) - 한국방송통신대학교
박윤경 ( Park Yun-Kyung ) - 대구가톨릭대학교 산업보건학과
김소연 ( Kim So-Yeon ) - 한국산업안전보건공단
정은교 ( Chung Eun-Kyo ) - 한국산업안전보건공단


Objectives: The goal of this study is to standardize industry, process, and job within work environment measurement information.

Methods: We selected 180 work environment measurement reports on 30 industries from a database monitored from 2014 to 2016 by the Korea Industrial Health Association. Ten industrial hygienists, each with over five years of experience in measurement, conducted a primary standardization of 180 reports. Two professional industrial hygienists with more than 20 years of experience each reviewed and revised the results of the primary standardization. We also examined the validity on the usefulness of the standardized database by the two industrial hygienists.

Results: The final standardization results were classified into eight major categories, 23 sub-major categories, 39 minor categories, 53 unit categories and 70 sub-unit categories in the Korean Standard Industrial Classification (KSIC) 10th revision. A total of 161 processes were standardized, and there were 148 processes with K2B codes. Standard job was coded into 13 job groups including operator, automobile maintenance, nurse, maintenance, manager, excavating machine operator, forklift driver, radiologist, clinical pathologist, signer, researcher, kitchen assistant, and concrete reinforcement ironworker.

Conclusions: Although the standardized information in this study may be only a part of the total information, it can be useful for improvement of the K2B system. Additional research is needed for an ongoing clean-up of data in the K2B and re-calibration and reclassification of standard processes until the future national exposure monitoring system is fully established.


Job; process; standardization; work environment measurement
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