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작업 현장에서 육체적 작업 강도를 평가하는 도구로서 Borg’s Scale과 심박 수의 비교

Comparison between Heart Rates and Borg’s Scale as a Tool to Evaluate Physical Workload

한국산업보건학회지 2019년 29권 3호 p.368 ~ 374
김병훈 ( Kim Byoung-Hoon ) - EHS 이음 과학기술인 협동조합

박지영 ( Park Ji-Young ) - EHS 이음 과학기술인 협동조합
탁상우 ( Tak Sang-Woo ) - EHS 이음 과학기술인 협동조합


Objectives: To examine the associations of borg’s scale with actual heart rates of workers and energy consumption during their physical work.

Methods: A total of 72 workers performing physical activities in postal service, ceramic manufacturing, and metal manufacturing participated in heart rate measurement for 1 work shift using the activity meter(A360) and responded to a borg’s scale questionnaire.

Results: In consistent with previous findings, we presented high correlation between borg’s scale and energy consumption measures among workers performing physical activities(r=0.89) while post-work average heart rate showed nearly no correlation with post-work borg’s scale (r=0.09). We proposed a set of adjustments when using borg’s scale to estimate physical workload for those workers engaged in physical activities during the majority of their work shift.

Conclusions: Our findings suggest that a caution should be paid to when using Borg’s scale to estimate heart rates during physical activities as well as energy consumption as the product of heart rate measurements.


Borg’s scale; energy expenditure; rest heart rate; work heart rate; workload
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