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백화점 노동자의 감정노동과 직장생활 만족도 : 직무압박감의 매개효과

Emotional Labor and Work Life Satisfaction of Department Store Workers : Mediating Effect of Job Oppression

한국산업보건학회지 2019년 29권 3호 p.420 ~ 429
김민성 ( Kim Min-Seong ) - 대구한의대학교 대학원

강지웅 ( Kang Ji-Woong ) - 대구한의대학교 보건학부
한삼성 ( Han Sam-Sung ) - 대구한의대학교 보건학부


Objectives: The purpose of this study was to test the prescribed mediating effect of a sense of job oppression by considering the relationship between emotional labor and work satisfaction.

Methods: This study was carried out using the data published in 2016 by the Korea Labor & Society Institute in An Investigation of Quality of Life and the Working Environment in the Service Industry. The data were collected from 638 workers at department stores. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, correlation, and multiple regression with Baron and Kenny steps for mediation.

Results: After investigating the mediating effect of a sense of job oppression in the relationship between emotional labor and work satisfaction, it was confirmed that the effect was partially meaningful. It was also determined that the greater the intensity of their emotional labor was, the lower was their satisfaction with their working life. Additionally, the workers felt that the greater their sense of job oppression, the lower was their sense of satisfaction with work.

Conclusions: In order to increase work satisfaction, it is required for guidelines for reducing job oppression and the intensity of emotional labor to be proposed or established.


Department store workers; emotional labor; job oppression; work life satisfaction
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