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Comparison of Speech Rate and Long-Term Average Speech Spectrum between Korean Clear Speech and Conversational Speech

Journal of Audiology & Otology 2019년 23권 4호 p.187 ~ 192
 ( Yoo Je-Eun ) - Hallym University Graduate School Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology

 ( Oh Hong-Yeop ) - Hallym University Graduate School Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology
 ( Jeong Seung-Yeop ) - Hallym University Graduate School Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology
 ( Jin In-Ki ) - Hallym University College of Natural Sciences Division of Speech Pathology and Audiology


Background and Objectives: Clear speech is an effective communication strategy used in difficult listening situations that draws on techniques such as accurate articulation, a slow speech rate, and the inclusion of pauses. Although too slow speech and improperly amplified spectral information can deteriorate overall speech intelligibility, certain amplitude of increments of the mid-frequency bands (1 to 3 dB) and around 50% slower speech rates of clear speech, when compared to those in conversational speech, were reported as factors that can improve speech intelligibility positively. The purpose of this study was to identify whether amplitude increments of mid-frequency areas and slower speech rates were evident in Korean clear speech as they were in English clear speech.

Subjects and Methods: To compare the acoustic characteristics of the two methods of speech production, the voices of 60 participants were recorded during conversational speech and then again during clear speech using a standardized sentence material.

Results: The speech rate and longterm average speech spectrum (LTASS) were analyzed and compared. Speech rates for clear speech were slower than those for conversational speech. Increased amplitudes in the mid-frequency bands were evident for the LTASS of clear speech.

Conclusions: The observed differences in the acoustic characteristics between the two types of speech production suggest that Korean clear speech can be an effective communication strategy to improve speech intelligibility.


Speech acoustics; Speech perception; Speech intelligibility; Communication; Rehabilitation
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