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Synthesis and in Vitro Antimicrobial Evaluation of Benzothiazole Incorporated Thiazolidin-4-ones Derivatives

대한화학회지 2014년 58권 1호 p.33 ~ 38
 ( Agarwal Shikha ) - Mohan Lal Sukhadia University Department of Chemistry

 ( Agarwal Dinesh Kumar ) - Arya College of Pharmacy Department of Pharmacology
 ( Gautam Naveen ) - L.B.S. Govt. P.G. College Department of Chemistry
 ( Agarwal Kshamta ) - University of Rajasthan Department of Chemistry
 ( Gautam Dinesh Chandra ) - University of Rajasthan Department of Chemistry


In the course of work on new pharmacologically active antimicrobial agents, we have reported the synthesis of a new class of structurally novel derivatives, incorporating two bioactive structures, a benzothiazole and thiazolidin-4-one, to yield a class of compounds having interesting antimicrobial properties. The antimicrobial properties of the synthesized compounds were investigated against bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus and Escherchia coli) and fungi (Candida albicans and Aspergillus niger) using serial plate dilution method. The structure of the synthesized compounds have been established by elemental analysis and spectroscopic data.


Benzothiazole; Thiazolidin-4-ones; N-(5,7-dimethylbenzo[d]thiazol-2-yl)hydrazine carboxamide; Antimicrobial activity
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